Woocommerce_log too big database folder

✔ Recommended Answer Folder and Database are 2 different things. 10.5 is the woocommerce_log folder You've mentioned folder but wrote the table name so it's confusing if you're talking about folder or database table. however, if you are talking about the folder with the path wp-content/uploads/wc-logs then yes you can delete all the files with the extension .log if you're talking about database table wp_woocommerce_log then generally it should be empty unless your log handler is set to DB. you can empty data from this table as well. but don't delete the table . You also need to look in wp-config.php if you have defined a logger using constant WC_LOG_HANDLER you should use a file logging system instead of DB. You can find more details on the WooCommerce logger on this page. Source: Answered By: Vijay Hardaha

How to show Drop down Menu where ever I touch in a box Jetpack Compose in android studio

✔ Recommended Answer What you actually should be doing is offseting upward by giving a negative Offset. You need get height of your parent you can get it via Modifier.onSizeChanged or using BoxWithConstraints if it covers whole parent. I used BoxWithConstraints for demonstration but both can be used. If you offset by maxHeight or height of the Composable Dropdown menu appears at the top so we need another positive offset which is y axis of touch position to move it down @Composableprivate fun DropDownSample() { var expanded by remember { mutableStateOf(false) } var touchPoint: Offset by remember { mutableStateOf(Offset.Zero) } val density = LocalDensity.current BoxWithConstraints( Modifier .fillMaxSize() .background(Color.Cyan) .pointerInput(Unit) { detectTapGestures { Log.d("TAG", "onCreate: ${it}") touchPoint = it expanded = true

How can I Add css to siple_form_for in Rails

✔ Recommended Answer It's better to preprocess images on the web, not simply scaling images down with css or image attributes. If you've just 4 images I'd open an editor like gimp (a free and opensource Photoshop alternative). If you're working with user uploaded images use a gem like paperclip which allows you to create special uploaders that, using a command line tool called imagemagick , can automatically resize images down to reasonable sizes. However, a reason why you might want to use double sized, or even triple sized images is because of retina displays these days. Back to your code. First simplify the code: <%= f.input :answer, as: :radio_buttons, :required => true, collection: ([[image_tag(q.optiona),'a'] , [image_tag(q.optionb),'b'], [image_tag(q.optionc),'c'], [image_tag(q.optiond), 'd']]) %> The following CSS code would then help you, even without a special wrapper: .input.radio_buttons .radio img { width: 200px

npm install returns "TypeError: Cannot convert undefined or null to object"

✔ Recommended Answer The issue was that I had an old .npmrc that pointed to an the npm registry using I removed the file and my modules now install fine. I could check the registry by typing npm config list registry which now points to what I suppose is the default: Source: Answered By: YPCrumble

Jetpack Compose: can't change TextField focus

✔ Recommended Answer You should call val focusManager = LocalFocusManager.current inside AlertDialog . Also, remove the Modifier.focusable() . AlertDialog( text = { val focusManager = LocalFocusManager.current val (nameFieldFocus, valueFieldFocus) = remember { FocusRequester.createRefs() } ListItem( leadingContent = { Column(verticalArrangement = Arrangement.spacedBy(10.dp)) { TextField( modifier = Modifier .focusRequester(nameFieldFocus) .focusProperties { next = valueFieldFocus }, value = someValue, onValueChange = { someValue = it }, label = { Text(text = "Some label") }, keyboardOptions = KeyboardOptions(imeAction = ImeAction.Next), keyboardActions = KeyboardActions(onNext = { focusManage

Use a function inside "windows.onload" outside of curly braces?

✔ Recommended Answer No. You could assign doSomething to a global variable inside onload but it would be assigned too late to use it where you want to. If you want doSomething to be a global, then define it as one in the first place. Don't scope it to the onload function. Source: Answered By: Quentin

Is it possible to search for a particular filename on GitHub?

✔ Recommended Answer Does the search user.rb in:path do what you want to do? Alternatively there is also this search filename:user.rb Found on: Source: Answered By: Orangenhain

android chips taking extra spaces;unable to wrap

✔ Recommended Answer You should set padding for chip in right way, try this: chip.setChipStartPadding(0);chip.setChipEndPadding(0); Source: Answered By: JiajiaGu

Can I use CoffeeScript to combine other js files?

✔ Recommended Answer Basically, the answer seems to be no. This is not something CoffeeScript is capable of. Source: Answered By: Jeremy Ricketts

Unable to convert std::string into std::basic_string<char8_t>, why?

✔ Recommended Answer C++ keywords: char8_t (since C++20) As far as I understand char8_t is of char type as is your std::string. A simple cast should work. Source: Answered By: BeErikk

How to find and replace string using REGEXP_REPLACE in postgresql

✔ Recommended Answer This is probably most simply done by splitting the email address in two on the @ , keeping the part before it and replacing . in the part after it with nothing. Then you can just append to the result: UPDATE contactsSET email = SPLIT_PART(email, '@', 1) || '_' || REPLACE(SPLIT_PART(email, '@', 2), '.', '') || ''; Output for your demo: Demo on dbfiddle Source: Answered By: Nick

How to change an entire column in conditional on another column's value?

✔ Recommended Answer chrBoolean = c('true', 'true', 'false', 'false', 'true', NA)booleanNew <- as.logical(chrBoolean) [1] TRUE TRUE FALSE FALSE TRUE NA if you wanted to do this using dplyr::mutate it would be df %>% mutate(booleanNew = as.logical(chrBoolean)) Source: Answered By: zimia

Installing xampp but phpmyadmin doesn't connect

✔ Recommended Answer Go to http://localhost/security/ and then click on the link http://localhost/security/xamppsecurity.php . After that change password for superuser to 'root'. After that open your http://localhost/phpmyadmin/ Source: Answered By: user2483557

How to Dynamically write a export CSV file to Azure blob container using PowerShell?

✔ Recommended Answer Thanks for your suggestion Gaurav Mantri Solution 1: First you need to save the exported csv file in local system then you need to upload it to container in azure storage. I tried it in my system Use Set-AzStorageBlobContent cmdlet to upload this .csv file to blob storage Try with these steps 1) generate a context by using New-AzStorageContext $sas_token="SAS”$account_name = "your_storage_account_name"$context = New-AzStorageContext -StorageAccountName $account_name -SasToken $sas_token 2) use Set-AzStorageBlobContent to upload csv file to blob storage Set-AzStorageBlobContent -Container "the container name" -File " file path Ex: c:\myfolder\test.csv" " -Context $context OUTPUT The file uploaded to azure container Solution 2: Upload the content directly to Azure storage by using sas Url. Try with this commands $accountName = "storage-account-name"$accountKey = "storage-account-key"$containerName =

In VIM text editor, everytime whenever I type ''typedef '', it gets highlighted automatically. How to fix this?

✔ Recommended Answer Looks like you have the "highlight search" flag on and the last search was for typedef . You can turn the flag off with :set nohls . You can inspect all settings with :set all . You can read the help for highlight search with :help hls . Source: Answered By: Jens

WordPress - send ajax request from vuejs app

✔ Recommended Answer wp_localize_script function is often used to pass generic data from PHP to JavaScript. In simple words, if you have to pass some data from php to Javascript, WordPress later add a new function wp_add_inline_script but wp_localize_script is better when you're registering a script. This function needs 3 args: handle name - that is your registered script name. js object name - an object name that you can use globally in your Js file data array - a php array of data, you don't need to json encode it, wordpress will do it for you. function setup_ajax_vue() { wp_register_script( 'vue-css', get_template_directory_uri() . '/dist/assets/index.css' ); wp_enqueue_style( 'vue-css' ); wp_register_script( 'vue-js', get_template_directory_uri() . '/dist/assets/index.js', array(), false, true ); wp_enqueue_script( 'vue-js' ); wp_localize_script( 'vue-js', 'vue_js_params', array( 'ajaxurl&

Limit QKeySequence/QKeySequenceEdit to only one shortcut

✔ Recommended Answer Solved it, not the best solution but quick...If you want something more customize, I think you have to build it yourself... customkeysequenceedit.h : #ifndef CUSTOMKEYSEQUENCEEDIT_H#define CUSTOMKEYSEQUENCEEDIT_H#include <QKeySequenceEdit>class QKeyEvent;class CustomKeySequenceEdit : public QKeySequenceEdit{ Q_OBJECTpublic: explicit CustomKeySequenceEdit(QWidget *parent = 0); ~CustomKeySequenceEdit();protected: void keyPressEvent(QKeyEvent *pEvent);};#endif // CUSTOMKEYSEQUENCEEDIT_H customkeysequenceedit.cpp : #include "customkeysequenceedit.h"#include <QKeyEvent>CustomKeySequenceEdit::CustomKeySequenceEdit(QWidget *parent) : QKeySequenceEdit(parent) { }CustomKeySequenceEdit::~CustomKeySequenceEdit() { }void CustomKeySequenceEdit::keyPressEvent(QKeyEvent *pEvent){ QKeySequenceEdit::keyPressEvent(pEvent); QKeySequence seq(QKeySequence::fromString(keySequence().toString().split(", ").first())); setKeySequence(seq)

Thread safe generic alternative to Interlocked.Exchange and Interlocked.Exchange global struct support

✔ Recommended Answer In your implementation Unsafe.AreSame() simple checks the reference to the same memory location. It isn't comparing the the struct for equality as seems to be your intent (otherwise just use the built in generic overload for reference types). Regarding Interlocked.MemoryBarrier() , even if it does guarantee a full fence your implementation does not achieve atomicity for reasons pointed out by @PeterCordes and I in the comments section below. In your example, two concurrent calls to your implementation of Exchange could return the same initial value, which would be incorrect. In order to achieve atomicity your limited to structs of 8-bytes. The following would achieve your objective under the 8-byte constraint: public static T CompareExchange<T>(ref T location, T value, T comparand) where T : unmanaged =>Unsafe.SizeOf<T>() switch{ 4 => Unsafe.As<int, T>(ref Unsafe.AsRef(Interlocked.CompareExchange(ref Unsafe.As<T, int>(ref

Passing argument 2 of 'fibonacci' from incompatible pointer type

✔ Recommended Answer You declared a variable length array int fibs[n]; In this call fibonacci(n, &fibs); the argument has the type int ( * )[n] . However the corresponding function parameter void fibonacci(int n, int *fibs[n]){ has the type int ** (due to adjusting by the compiler the parameter having array type to pointer to the array element type). So the compiler issues the message. The function declaration can be much simpler void fibonacci(int n, int fibs[n]){ And in this case the function is called like fibonacci(n, fibs); Of course you will need to change the body of the function. Pay attention to that this loop for(i=2; i<=n; i++){ can result in accessing memory outside the passed array when i is equal to n because the valid range of indices is [0, n) . And the first two Fibonacci numbers are 0 and 1 . Even in the very beginning of the function int i;*fibs[0] = 1;*fibs[1] = 1; you need to check whether n is not less than 2. The function can look for example like void